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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tablescape and a giveaway

Thank you to Susan for hosting Tablescape thursday again!

I just have a small tablescape to share this week.
It is the brunch table we had New Year's Day
 while vacationing in Gatlinburg, TN

Now for a GIVE AWAY!!

My precious friend from High School has a new product

it is a  protective baby cover.

This product will shield your precious cargo from the wind, rain, and cold!
I would have loved to have had this with my children!

She has been featured in modern parent magazine

She has graciously agreed to give one, to one of my lucky readers !!!

m o d e r n p a r e n t s m a g a z i n e

Breathable cotton cover is great while baby is hanging out or in transit.

The water resistant cover is for transit use only to protect baby

from snow, rain, and wind penetration.

Front flap covers a mesh section. The flap can be rolled up and

velcroed to top to see baby.

Cover can be put on and taken off while carrier is in base in the

car to protect baby from various weather conditions.

Product is perfect to use in doctor’s offices, malls, and outside

events like ball games, camping, etc.

The cover keeps bugs out, and it is great protection against mosquitoes.

It keeps light rain and wind off of baby. The baby’s eyes are shielded

against bright sun.

The cover acts as a filter to keep airborne germs off of baby while in

public, which helps prevent flu germs from getting to baby. Also keeps

people from transferring germs by not being able to touch or kiss the baby.

The cover fits most carrier/car seats, and larger ones can

be special ordered.

Perfect gifts for newborns, especially premature babies.

Mom-invented. I thought of the idea 14 years ago with my first

pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my third child 11 years

later, I went shopping for such a cover and could not find anything

like it on the market.

Patent-Pending CPSIA compliant

Made in USA

Available for individual sales on website now until Feb 2010, after that

boutiques and shoppes will carry it.

Can be purchased at Boutiques listed on website and online until Feb 2010

http://www.berrygoodsbaby.com/ (504) 302-3779

Protective Carrier Cover
If you order be sure to let her know Bama Belle sent you!

The rules are simple.
You need to be a follower ( you do not have to have a blog to be a follower)
and comment on this post to let me know you would like to be entered.
You will need to include contact info in case you are the winner!
You will get another chance if you post on your blog and link back to the contest.
This is a perfect gift for an expectant Mommy or new addition!

So sign up contest ends on the 14th!
Winner will be announced after random drawing
on Friday, Jan 15th

Be sure to stop by and see more tablescapes at Susans


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Pretty tablescape --- we went to Gatlinburg right after Christmas three years ago -- I really enjoyed the outlet shopping! Thanks for your sweet visit today -- now I could really enjoy a cup of your wassil!

Lana K. W. Austin said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!~ I love your tablescape....and done on vacation no less!!
Hey--please sign me up for the giveaway--one of my best friends at church recently had a baby and I could win it for her!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a way to start the new year~it would be such a special treat to sit at your table.
I love the touches of gold.

Jane said...

Lovely tablescape! Simple and elegant.

That carseat cover is really interesting. One of the "girls" from our young adult Bible study is due (overdue!) any day...hoping to share her daughter's birthday with Elvis.
She would LOVE a cover like this. I will check the website...It would make a wonderful gift. That is, if I don't win it :-)

Enjoy tonight's game... Roll Tide! (yes, I really did say this!)

Jane (artfully graced)

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing the pretty table. The baby cover is a great idea. ~ Sarah

Crystal said...

This is a great New Year's brunch. You did this while on vacations, wow!
First visit to your blog, I will be back.
Blessings in 2010!

Melody said...

You're as bad as me. We go to the Gatlinburg area whenever possible. We stay at cabins and hotels...if there's a table..it's fixed up..to the disbelief of my hubby hehe.

Dining Delight said...

Very pretty N.Y.'s brunch tablescape! I really like that gold ?quilted square on top - makes it look so regal!
Your friend has a great idea there for the baby cover!


Mitzi said...

Thought of you and your family during the game last night. What fun for you all.
I would love to win the giveaway. Have a young friend about to have her first baby and it is very cold where she lives.
Please enter me.

Dullbert said...

Not here to get in on the "Give Away" just wanted to say a Publix bag does the same thing ! , might also be the reason why my kids can't add to 4 and are afraid of the dark ?? ☺

Brandy said...

That looks like a grat invention. I too wish I had thought of it. The things that they have for babies now. Love it!!! I really enjoy reading your blog! Have a grat week!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Cool! While I dont have wee ones, if I win I will give it for a baby gift. I am a follower, of course!

Dullbert-OMGosh, He KILLS ME!!!!

Joanna said...

I'm with Leigh of Bloggeritaville! I don't have any little ones, but I have PLENTY of friends that do and it would be a perfect gift!

p.s. I heart your monogrammed potty :)