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Psalm 56:3

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Was it good for you?

Well, the tradition of FOOTBALL has started again.
Here in the south it is the base of everything.
NOTHING is scheduled in conflict with Saturday Game day.
Personally I enjoy a good game,
BUT this is a reason to entertain once a week!
I love the social aspect.
Friends old and new gather together.
The feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself.
The team spirit and playful teasing.
The thrill of the last minute touchdown victory and the agony of defeat.
MOST OF ALL, THE FOOD, oh the amazing tabel scapes and food!
So no matter if you are a
Bulldog; Rebel; Tiger; Gator; or CRIMSON TIDE
may you have a wonderful season.
May God keep all of the gladiators on the field safe.
Be sure to tell us what team you pull for and how you spend game day!
ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kathy said...

Football... wish I could sit long enough to get into it...Football is like "White noise" on T.V. My man enjoys it, but I'm off creating something in another room of the house, Ha! But I can certainly CHEER YOU ON!!!! You go girl!!!... Your children are darling, xoxo~Kathy~ @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Beth said...

Well, I think you know I bleed purple and gold with a few tiger stripes on my skin. However, there is a little black and gold in there too. Just can't leave out the Eagles. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

Well, if you happened to read my TTH post this past week, you would know that my family bleeds burnt orange and navy blue. We are BIG AUBURN FANS! My DH and firstborn spent many years on this campus, and my other two sons, although they attended different schools, are die-hard fans. (So is my DIL...I think her blood is running orange and blue, too.)

Like you, football season is a great excuse to entertain friends and family. It truly does not matter who is playing...at least, once the Auburn game is over. (We even pull for Bama if they're playing a non-SEC team!) Saturdays begin with ESPN Game Day and continue until the last touchdown is scored...usually playing on all TVs around the house. On Sundays, it starts all over again with the pros. (Go Bucs!)Thankfully, I enjoy football...and the treks to Auburn at least twice a season.

Here's to a healthy season for all who compete on the field of battle...

War Eagle!
Jane (artfully graced)

Judy said...

Oh, yeah....W-A-A-A-R EAGLE!!!! (Just had to do that)

Love ya anyway!

Bama Belle said...

Thanks everyone! We love some Auburn as long as they don't play BAMA and LSU will always be part of our life as long as they don't play BAMA and USM well that is my Alma Mater so there is a little black and gold in there ; )

Wendy said...

Love your post! Yes, it is football season here, too (it is always some form of football season here). My dear husband is from Nebraska and is the most intense cornhusker fan I have ever seen. I love hosting game day parties too...so much fun...when our team wins. I hope your Crimson Tide has a great season!
Best regards,

jennifer said...