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Psalm 56:3

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Monday, March 9, 2009


We had a fantastic, fun, and busy weekend.

My cousin David and his son Ryan came to Birmingham for a soccer tournament and that meant a visit for us. Saturday we had lunch at Newks (one of our favorite places) and then we went to the soccer field to watch Ryan play goalie and cheer his team on! After, we all came back here for Jambalaya, and "dirt cake" for the children, and warm apple turnovers topped with vanilla ice cream for the grown ups. It was great to watch the children play the Wii while we got to visit. We so enjoyed seeing them and hope to be with them again very soon.

Sunday we had a low country boil at our friend's home for our play group the Chubby Cherubs. What fun it was to be with so many of our friends. Especially Joe and Kathy, who we adore and don't get to see often outside of the play group. We also really enjoyed getting to be with Laura Beth and TJ! TJ made his signature "Cowboy Lemonade" (recipe on LB Blog For Gosh Sakes Don't burn it)which was delicious. You have to try it! ( I don't even like beer and I could drink this) I must say that our play group is THE BEST! I cannot wait to see everyone again at our next gathering!

Sunday was also GiGi's Birthday. My grandmother on my Mother's side My parents surprised her with a visit, a trip to Uncle Tommy's Church (he is a Baptist Pastor in MS) and lunch. Aunt Jacque, Uncle Tommy, my cousin Josh and his wife Tara, and my cousin Hannah were all with them to celebrate this glorious event! As most of you know, GiGi was diagnosed with alzthemiers and there are good days and bad days. We are so thankful to God that her birthday was a good day!

We missed seeing Salah, Michelle and the boys for a second Sunday, but Zachary is ill and running a fever. Hopefully he will feel better and we can all be together this week at somepoint.

The children are trying to adjust to daylight savings time. I hate this time, I like REAL time. Either way, I just wish that they would pick one and stay with it!

I would also ask all of you to pray for my college roommate and her husband. I am not giving their names as we have not been in contact that much through the years, and perhaps they would like to remain annonomous. I want to respect that. Y'all know how much I believe in the power of prayer and our heavenly Father, and God knows who they are, so that is all the info I feel I can share right now. She told me last week that her husband had been diagnosed with a stage four brain tumor and was given 14 months. I cannot imagine the feelings that are present. Nor can I imagine the strength that they both have to take this head on and, with from what I have seen, such a positive outlook. Joe and I started our life together with them, we love them and only want good things for them. So please include them on your prayer list.
Y'all have a great and blessed week!


Heather said...

It was great to meet you too! Hope to see you and yours around more often.

jennifer said...

Prayers for your roommate's husband. I can't imagine either.

Looks like you all had a great weekend! Very very busy!

Leigh of said...

Sounds like a delightful weekend!
I will lift your schoolmate in prayer.