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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So begins the month of July

What an adventurous couple of days we have had. We had lunch at a fantastic little place called The Tip Top Grill. The view alone was worth the money we paid, however their prices were as good as the view. The food was about what you would expect from a little diner. It was flavorful and the entire experience was perfect! It reminded me of overlooking certain places in Scotland with Ross Bridge in the distance and all the surrounding greenery. Kind of like the picture.

They offer a lot and Mondays I understand are $.99 hot dogs. The cheeseburger I had was excellent and the chicken fingers were huge. Joe had the double cheeseburger and I am guessing it tasted like mine.

The children had the desire to go to Pottery Barn Kids... like how I insinuate that they don't go much? I think it makes me feel better. So OK we went AGAIN to PBK. We love it and it is our first stop for toys. OK .....SO.... THERE. For the ones it bothers, and you know who you are Michelle El-Fallah, I did. So what? Anyway, the kids got the cutest little wrist bubble blowers. They are battery operated and user friendly Orren can even do it by himself. We also got a gorgeous book PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON. I know all of you remember Puff! We discovered that Honalee is a real place the author was visiting at the time. He came across an old volcanic cave that to him, looked just like a dragon would live there. Now, Olivia wants to go to Hawaii to find Puff's cave. It came with the CD and the children have enjoyed it so. Olivia knows all the words by heart and Orren gets very still and doesn't make a sound. Great for them, but I am wondering how many times an adult can hear that song before they suffer some type of adverse effect. HMMMM?

Orren spent his birthday money at Toys R US. He got a Pirate Ship and some more Knights and horses. ( I think Spiderman may be replaced. He still likes the ones he has and plays with them, but he had NO INTEREST in the ones at the store.) He cried for the Knights. That has happened a few times now.

Joe is cooking on the grill here tonight. He is insisting that I rest. So he is doing everything tonight. He is so precious! I am dying for that steak though, oh my goodness!
I had an unexpected phone call last night. My college room mate, which I have not spoken with in over 9 years, called. I could have fallen in the floor. It was great to hear from her and she seems so very happy. I hope that life continues to bring her bounty! As I do for all of you.
Take care of yourselves out there!
Oh, one last thing...................................................
I did not post yesterday, and it was my sister-in-law's birthday. So I did not get to say:
Happy Birthday Katy!!!
we love you


Leigh said...

That picture is gorgeous!

HEWY said...

I love the mysterious atmosphere of that photo!

Happy 4th of July!