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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Morning after, a growing experience, and the boys night.

Good Morning,

I must admit that I have not felt this poorly since my last all-niter in college! Just Kidding!

Olivia and I had the best time last night. She got tons of souvenirs..... The program that sings, a stuffed wildcat with the jersey on, a pink glitter Sharpay FABULOUS t-shirt (Sharpay is her fav, secretly mine to) a sports bottle, a koozie, a huge lollipop, and a light up stick pom pom thing.

Disney as always put on a fantastic show. Thanks to Aunt Michelle and the boys for going with us! It was wonderful.

It was so cute to see the little girls go crazy and screaming when "Troy" took the ice. Oh my goodness, I thought I might loose my hearing. I am still not sure about the part where they ripped off his shirt to dress him in a sport coat and all. Those little girls were screaming again! EVEN OLIVIA had a reaction that startled me. Then I realized that she is a tween and this is going to happen! I hope we can guide it and channel it in a positive christian way. So that nothing is rushed and every moment and stage of growing up can be savored. Her Daddy, doesn't know yet.

I guess things changing and little girls growing up is on the fore front of my mind these days. Kayla, our little Kayla who is now a college student, but is still our little Kayla is due Dec 18.

While exciting it is sad because just yesterday (in my mind) she was rough housing on our bed with Uncle Joe and TJ as they spent the weekend with us. I lived for those days and love those children so much. They were so little and now TJ is over 6 ft tall and Kayla is going to become a Mom. Please keep her in your prayers. I am so excited for them and all that life has before them, but I miss those sweet little footsteps and voices. Christy is in my prayers, if I am this mixed up emotionally over it, I can only imagine as their Mother what it must be like. I am NOT excited that our children will GROW UP one day and move on. Yet, I can't wait to have long discussions and confided secrets. To set them out to take on the world. To see what they will become. I just wish it took a little longer. Thus is the plight of every Mother I guess. I LOVE YOU MOM.

Orren and Joe had a big night last night to. I came home and could tell things, were at some point, in disarray. PUT BACK mind you, but in my OCD I notice everything. (Heaven help my children if they ever think they could throw a party here and get away with it. HAHAHAHA)

I asked Joe what they did he said, nothing we sat around in our diapers and watched TV ! I am still on the floor laughing!

I think that will do it for today, tonight is Survivor so family TV night! YEAHHHHHH!

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