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Monday, April 28, 2008

Just another Manic Monday!

I am so happy to have started teaching both children French today. Olivia is very excited to learn a new language and I am looking for a really good kid friendly curriculum. I am just using and online thing right now and we are going to need something more tangible. We are planning a trip to Europe next summer. We hope to spend a little time in England, France and a lot of time in Scotland. So I thought they should be able to speak a little french & I am trying to start getting everything done now. Everyone's passport information, pictures, etc. If this next year goes by as fast as this past year I should have started 3 months ago!

We have had a fun day after our school work of play dough and water color. Olivia is ready to do any type of art project and any type of craft. Orren is happy doing anything with us. Then we played outside in the sand box and on the swing set. Orren loves his big boy swing. Now the children have taken over the floor in our bedroom and built a fort. I hear them both giggling loudly and frequently. They have their little lanterns out and are "camping" Olivia even turned on the nature cd so they have croaking crickets!

I have enrolled her in three Vacation Bible Schools, just like last summer. So she should get her fill of crafts. She has decided not to do swim team this summer. She wants to play and enjoy summer, not be tied down to such a rigid schedule. She is going to start back year round swim in the fall though.

Olivia has parents night out on Friday night at the Presbyterian Church. She looks forward to that every first Friday of the month. They feed them dinner, do Christian based crafts, learn a Bible story and wtch a movie with popcorn and nachos. It is such a great ministry! It gives Moms and Dads a little break to. Orren can't go until he is 3.

We have been looking at the calendar and can't believe how much we have coming up. IT IS MAY!!! We have the crawfish boil this weekend. Orren's surgery on Tuesday and the Buck Creek festival next weekend.
I have been interviewing new housekeepers. I have been without one for quite sometime now and I just HAVE to find a new one soon! I am looking for one that will do light cooking from time to time as well, so it is a little more idfficult. I am excited that I have hired the new nanny for the summer though . My children love her and she is CPR certified and a certified lifeguard. Plus, she has agreed to travel with us and everything. I am thrilled. Check one more thing off the list!

Tomorrow is soccer practice so I will check in when we get home.

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