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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good afternoon!


We have had a leisure morning. Started off with both children piled up in our bed to watch cartoons. My favorite thing about Saturday mornings. I can remember doing this to my parents as a child. It was so much fun then, but it is even better now. I know how they used to feel.

After a big breakfast we were off to soccer. Olivia scored a goal and played goalie today. Normally she plays goalie the most. She did fantastic. She was awarded best effort today, she has to date received most Christ like, best defense and best leadership awards.

She has been in the pool all day. She took a brief break to have lunch and then was right back to it. Joe and I are going to join her and take Orren for a dip later. I think we need to look into a heater for the pool though cause it is cold!

Orren has been saying Uh-oh for a couple of days now and says it every time anyone drops anything. So Mommy has been trying to broaden his vocabulary today. Joe is mowing the lawn and I need to take him some lemonade.

We are setting up for the "star gazing " tonight. Olivia is hoping to see some falling stars. Telescope is ready and the pallet I have fruit chopped up and snacks ready to go. I am frying grouper fingers, making new potatoes with cream sauce and corn on the cob for dinner.

Tomorrow after church we are going to spend the day at the zoo. We are packing the pic-nic basket and lots of drinks for a big day. The new sea lion show is awesome and we can't wait to show it to Daddy! Then it will be home again to start another week!

We want to congratulate Chief and GrandMaMa on their new house! They closed yesterday. They still have the condo right on the beach as well. There might have been a small riot from their children and grandchildren if they had gotten rid of it.
We are so excited for ya'll and we can't wait to come and "mess" it up HAHAHA! It is gorgeous and we are very happy for you. We love you both and can't wait for you to get here in a few days!
Joe was watching some fishing earlier and he is dying to go deep sea fishing. He just knows he is going to catch a blue Marlin. I just know we won't be hanging it anywhere in our house.

Hope all of you have a great one! God Bless

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