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Psalm 56:3

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

DeSoto Caverns- Easter Egg Hunt

 We took the children to 
the Easter Egg Hunt at 

It is truly magnificant
The light show
Usually based on the book of Genesis 
It is a special showing for certain holidays

You can take a virtual tour here

 A couple of things you might find interesting

*This and the deepest parts of the sea are the ONLY two places on earth you can experience TOTAL darkness. In fact they have to gradually dim the lights and then gradually bring them back up so that you are not blinded. That is kind fo scary!

Does this look like the lion and the lamb to you?
*DeSoto Caverns the first officially recorded cave in the United States
~December 1796

*The caverns stay at a constant temperature of 60 degrees. 
Because of the 100% humidity inside of the caverns, 
the temperature feels more like 70 degrees

See more of our pictures here

OK so on to the Hunt!!

We panned for gold and gems
The Princess was put in the stocks

We watched the water wheel

No one would race with me in the bath tub race

Greeted by Happy Hernando

Thanks for dropping by Y'all!
Have a Happy EASTER!


Karen said...

Love your pictures!! Children certainly make the holidays so extra special.
Happy Easter and hugs,
Ladybug Creek

Gretta said...

Looks like a great time ~ I would have raced in the tub with you. That looks fun. We have been wanting to take the kids there but just haven't done it yet. Your pictures encourage us to do it this Spring. Thanks!

Jane said...

What fun! I have visited a few caverns...Inner Space in TX, Mammoth Caves in KY, Ruby Falls in TN...they all freak me out. I cannot handle being in the ground like this. But it is a beautiful experience.

I miss Easter Egg Hunts!!! My favorite was the year my second child was born. We had just come home from the hospital, when our neighborhood had the annual egg hunt. That year, the eggs were hidden in the snow! My FL cracker mom, who had never seen snow, was in awe...and cracking up! It was an experience...

Have a wonderful day...HAPPY EASTER.
Jane (artfully graced)

jennifer said...

It has been a LOOOONG time since I have been to the caverns. I don't think my children have ever actually been inside.

O is so brave - the mascot would have scared me at that age.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great pictures....May want to talk to you about your beach condo....