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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tablescape Thursday AND Thrifty Thursday

A double post!
I hope you enjoy yourselves today.
Be sure to stop by 
for more tablescapes

This week we are having a crawfish boil!

I want to show that you can have a beautiful setting
for any event
including something very casual

I used gingham toppers,
large white platters for food, 
and metal buckets for bread.

 I also want to show how you can use a bar in your kitchen 
as opposed to your dining room table for an event.

I rolled paper cones filled with popcorn 
and stuffed in a large basket to sit upright
each one with a tag that
Happy Birthday

The bright yellow contrasts with the red
The cake had to fit the theme

No one leaves empty handed,
We had T shirts for everyone!


I am not normally a participant in Thrifty Thursday,
but my precious friend Leigh over at
really encouraged me to this week.
I shared with her two things
and she thought they were perfect
so here it goes!
Join more Thrifty Thursdays

I got this at Hobby Lobby

It was originally $12,99
in the Valentine's Day decor
I was there this week
and all of that merchandise
had been marked down,
and marked down.
It had a big sign that said
90% off.
I thought the price that was on it of
was the new price.
It wasn't
90% off.
That is right
$ 0.49 
I think it would be so cute hanging from a ribbon
spray paitned
The possibilities are endless and I really don't think it is limited to 
Valentine's Day.
i'm thinking 
me I'm Irish
for St. Patrick's Day!
AND there is this
(please excuse the toddler teeth marks)

a paper coaster given to me on a gift
(from Miss Leigh)
I got some sheet magnet and cut it into a circle the same size
then I glued it to the back and voila
I have a monogram for the fridge!

Thanks for dropping by Y'all!


Patti said...

Looks like a great party...the cake is the BEST!!

Wendy said...

Ooooooo...I love your party idea. Everything is so beautifully presented...I wish I were there to enjoy it...it looks perfect!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Love - love- love that gator cake!~

Jane said...

Love the bucket for the bread! The setting is wonderful!

We often use our breakfast bar/counter for entertaining. With a galley kitchen which is open at both ends, it's a natural buffet. Works well for us...

Love your thrifty find, too. $.49...that's a steal!!!!

Jane (artfully graced)

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

Everything looks so wonderfully presented, love the red and white, the food looks so delicious and doing it on the counter is genius, I'll be right over, love the whole setting....great job...Phyllis

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

LOVE that party! Hate I missed that one. I think that is one of my fav's! Love the popcorn! And yes..I need one of those t's! Way cool! Where did you order them from?
I LOVE the Thrifty Thursday! You can use the Kiss almost year round. It would be cute in your bedroom even! Remind Joe to kiss you goodnight. Smile. Though I doubt he needs the reminder.
And the magnet...I am so making some of those with the ones I have! Fabulous idea! You and I both with the "B's".
Thankyou for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week! Great job!
Tales from Bloggeritaville

jennifer said...

Oh wow! 49 cents is SUPER thrifty!

Lady, you really know how to throw a party. I'm sure Joe felt very special!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Cool party and love the cake.

Sandy said...

Really fun - yay!

I love fun.

And bargains!

Nice to meet you.

Denise Marie said...

great post. I love the contrast of the lobster and shrimp and wow, to make shirts for everyone is cool.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great post as always....

Lady Katherine said...

I just love it! Can I borrow the palm tree? lol Everything is wonderful, now just how far do we live apart? I need to stop in for a bite! lol

Carey said...

I love your post. Everything is just perfect. The cake came out so nice and the shirt idea is excellent. I am going to use that one. Nicely done.
Come visit when you have a chance.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Merri Cvetan, The Design Coach said...

I love your idea to use popcorn as a filler! Brilliant. Love the cake.

Miss Janice said...

Love this setting. Love the gingham cloth, metal bucket, and that cake is darling!