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Friday, April 17, 2009

Foodie Friday

Today's Foodie Friday Hosted by

This is strawberry trifle.
So Yummy and perfect for summer afternoons

Shopping List:

Angel food Cake

1 Pint of fresh strawberries and their juice

(wash, slice strawberries, and cover in sugar over night to make juice)

2 large bananas

1 large package of vanilla pudding

1 large cool whip

nut topping of choice

crumble angel food cake into trifle bowl
pour over strawberries and juice
slice up banana

mix pudding according to package directions

pour over bananas

add cool whip and top with nuts and garnish with strawberry



Really Rainey said...

Oh my gosh! That looks so good and.... and... Yes I have all the ing. to make that! Honey want dessert?

Thanks! YUMMY

~Really Rainey~

The Bloom Girls said...

I use my trifle bowl often and have a version of a strawberry angel food delight. I have never thought of adding bananna or pudding to mine but it is making my mouth water to think about it. I will try your spin on it next time, I am sure my family with love it! Thanks for sharing!

Blessings to you!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Looks yummy. Glad you're back!

Martha said...

I love trifles -- yours looks delicious.

Beth said...

Thank goodness you are back up and running. I told your mom this week that I was able to keep up with you through your blog but missed it since you had the virus. Please don't get another one. I don't think I can take another two weeks without finding out what's going on in the Breland clan although I have kept up with you via Facebook. It's not the same as your blog though. Did you know Katie has a blog now? You'll have to check it out.

LauraBeth said...

I have GOT to get a trifle bowl . . .

Cass @ That Old House said...

Ah -- a reason to pull the mail out of the trifle bowl! What a lovely looking spring dessert, thanks!

Candy said...

As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!"
Enjoy, Candy

Joyce said...

This is the type of recipe that I sing when I am eating it...

Libby Murphy said...

Oh it's good to have you back in the universe of blog! Looks like you had a fabulous Easter and your family is precious.
Happy Twirls

Chandy said...

Delicious and beautiful! What a combination! Great job! I love trifle desserts!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Oh, how I love a trifle!

Kathleen said...

Looks good! I made that too, LOL..

Wendy said...

That looks devine...and so delicious! Perfect for sunny, warm weather! Thank you for sharing it. Also, I attempted to copy your tablescape idea for my niece's baby dedication. I LOVE all your tablescape pictures but the one for your son's christening is my favorite so far. It is just so sweet and elegant and classic-everthing I like! I posted a picture but did not have any close ups.