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Friday, June 27, 2008

Thank goodness it is Friday

Olivia feeding the Lorikeets at the Zoo

Orren playing on the floor at home

Well, Orren and Olivia and Joe and I ate at a local place here, called Frankie's for dinner tonight. It was good, I really enjoyed the beef tips and rice and gravy I had. Joe got the catfish and was some what disappointed. It was one piece and not the greatest. Olivia had the chicken fingers and they were the size of her head! Orren had rice and cheese. We most likely won't go back, but it was cute and we enjoyed being together.

We talked to Aunt Christy tonight, it was wonderful to have a few minutes to catch up with her. We are all eagerly waiting to find out what Kayla's baby will be.... girl? Boy? We are ready to start shopping. It should just be a few more weeks. But, so far all is well and everyone is healthy. Our nephew TJ is a typical teenage boy, and full of mischief. Our sweet Dawson told us he loved us over the phone and we hope to see him soon. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up and how precious his heart is.

Michelle and Salah are still house hunting and we hope they will soon be on our side of town.

Chief and GrandMaMa have had lots of visitors since returning to the land of sea and sun......

Aunt Kay Ivey was down on yesterday and their college friends are with them now. We hope that they are having lots of fun with everyone.

Things are nice and calm for now and hope that they stay that way! We have some yard work to do.... we got a covenants violation letter today. Seems our "tree" on the corner of the house has died and we need to remove it sooooooooo guess what Joe will be doing tomorrow. OOPS!

The children both got "happies" today from Learning Express. Orren had his first I want this and I am not putting it back episode today. So we came home with a knight on a horse. Both are "dressed" in full regalia Blue with gold Lions. Could he know already that he is a nobleman? Instinct maybe? Lord Breland.

Olivia got a pumice stone that is shaped and designed to look like a lollipop and lip gloss. SHE KNOWS SHE IS A PRINCESS!

We will hopefully all get some rest tomorrow and just get to enjoy being together. We will check in again soon!

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